Hostel Facilities

A wonderful facet of the hostel is that it is a home away from home. It has all the conveniences and comfort of home and the personal attention from the warden and caretakers

Fully Air-Conditioned Boarding

Fully airconditioned and comfortable boarding for boys and girls, providing an ambience for a simple yet quality lifestyle.

Warden & Caretakers

The hostel warden and caretakers are warm, friendly and very caring. They are more like mentors and friends to the children at the hostel.

Hostel Food

Being a ‘Home away from Home’, the hostel food is prepared with the utmost care not only in terms of nutritional value but also in taste.


There is a multitude of activities for children’s all-round development.

Health & Fitness Centre

There is an excellent medical check-up centre which provides personal care to each student.

Hygienic Kitchen

Ultra-modern clean kitchen and mess with hygienic pure drinking water through RO System.



We have a rolling admission process. However,
space is limited. Offering high merit-based scholarship

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